The Club

ELBA EXCURSIONS A.S.D. is a Club born from over 25 years of SPORT

DIVING CENTER and ACTIVE HOLIDAYS on the Island of Elba.

Association born with the intention of spreading the culture of living by discovering and sharing.

We organize sporting, recreational, cultural activities and courses for everyone, aged 6 and up

The main activities are mainly, in the "Spring/Summer" period, on the Island of Elba where our main operational headquarters are, ACTIVE CLUB, FABRICIA and GROTTE (local unit).

We also organize activities and services throughout the year in Bologna and the province where we have our registered office

We organize "ACTIVE" TRIPS and HOLIDAYS for Members themed with our spirit, for those who want to combine "knowledge, discovery, nature and pleasure"

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    ELBA ESCURSIONS A.S.D. è una Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica -  Associazione di Promozione Sociale

    Affiliata OPES - CONI - FIPSAS

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